Just snow tired.....

Kept Josh home today.

An older photo of him in his version of winter gear

Not because he is sick.

Not because he is having another bout of his mysterious swelling disease.

But because I woke up, looked outside and just couldn't deal with the thought of going out at 6:30 to shovel the (maybe) 2" of snow so he could walk from the house to the street.

With all the snow we've had in RI this year, the driveway has gotten narrower and narrower and now the van that picks him up can't get in it anymore...heck SARITA can barely make it in with her car.

We tried to widen it the other day but there is just no place to put it without

*A. Trying to throw it on top of the mountain in the front yard, or

Actual yard sits 2 feet higher than sidewalk so this is way over my head and I'm 5'5.

*B. Carrying it up the street and throwing it on the pile in front of the abandoned house.

See that white fence in front of the man? That is the yard of the house I am talking about.
NOT happening folks.

So back to Josh. He is upset. He wanted to go today and has been letting me know that.


And I expect to be hearing it all day....or at least until I get tired of hearing it and let him come on the computer to watch YouTube.

But, I have to think of his safety. The past two days he has almost slipped and fallen. Once on the ice at the end of the driveway (impossible to get rid of it, believe me, we tried) and once on the ice from the curb to the street, another frozen puddle in the street that can't be gotten rid of and that salt doesn't seem to help. The thought of getting him over either area with an added layer of snow covering them along with the blast of freezing air when I opened my front door, not to mention my already aching arms and back from shoveling away snow and ice for two days in a row....well let's just say bed and keeping him home was more appealing today.

There is also this: For 27 years I have been getting Josh up around 7AM, getting him dressed and ready to go to one program or another or off to school. All year long, five days a week. Except for the last nine years when he has been going six days a week. Unless he's been sick he has gone to "school" since he was three years old. So not only am I tired of this winter and all this snow and ice and freezing weather. I am just plain TIRED.

Wondering if the parents of other disabled children feel like this at times?

But that question will be the subject of another post on another day.

For now, I have to deal with Josh being obnoxious. He has already told me about 20 times that he wants a bowl of Cheeseballs and another of M&M's...NOW. And he is walking around carrying "Red" (a plush character from Fraggle Rock that he calls his girlfriend) and his headphones because he has been good for "two weeks" (in real life about 5 minutes) and will sit and wait in his room for his turn to use the "pooter" (which actually means he will...and is...standing behind me in the door to my room telling me over and over and over without taking a break about the food and the computer all while staring at the back of my head...

Took this shot of Josh right after I typed the above paragraph..unseen in this photo is the bag of Cheese Balls he has behind his back in the other hand!

And the entire day will only be more of the same..

Oh well, this is better than the thought of Josh with a broken leg from falling on ice..


rcp said...

Praying for you!

Awsome_Skye Bell said...

long day, but you are so right about better than a broken leg! i cannot even imagine josh in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks! (and this is really renee, but skye's google account automatically opens so it looks like her :) )

Catherine Lewis said...

I kind of thought it was you Renee ��. Yes it is going to be a very long already has been one and he's only been up for 4 hours! Still better than him unable to walk for weeks. Been there, done that too many times already. Thanks for commenting BTW!

Catherine Lewis said...

Thank you rcp! They are very welcome.

Roberta Bland said...

I am so sorry to hear of you going through this. Even sorrier for Josh that he is unable to understand all the ramifications of why he shouldn't go out in that weather. My heart goes out to all of you. Hugs for you.