Some unexpected guests dropped in today...

 I was doing boring housework today when the doorbell rang and my neighbor Ron yelled to me to come out with my camera and bring some bread..QUICK!

So of course I did. And this is what I found.

He said they just suddenly landed in the street in front of my house so he led them up the driveway. I've lived here 6 years and never had geese land on our street. I'm guessing they were on the way to the local park where they live all year but the pond is probably still frozen over.

They were pretty willing to pose for photos as you can see below.

Eventually Ron led them down the driveway back to the road, but they didn't want to leave. Guess they liked all the goodies and the nearby water they found in the puddles.

They seemed to have fun walking around the snowbanks from the driveway, up the street and then back down the sidewalk towards the driveway again.
The sidewalk has so much snow piled up on the sides that even the geese can only walk along in a single file.

The FedEx truck had a bit of a problem on the route today. Not only narrow streets made even more narrow by parked cars, but slow moving geese too!

I had to call my other neighbor Diane to come see them too. As I said, this isn't an every day occurance and things have been so blah and gloomy with this weather that this small hint of spring was worth sharing. It made folks that drove by and us smile.

She now has a new nickname...Mother Goose!

John, my children's Dad, led some down the street with a trail of corn, like the Pied Piper.

Then off they went, leaving behind a happy bunch of people who for just a little while got to imagine being outside in warm weather and sunshine, despite the piles of snow. But also with the renewed hope that spring can't be that far away if the geese are returning to RI.

And how was YOUR day?

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