No time left for me...

Only a few short years ago I had so much time.

Time to quilt as much as I wanted, I used to whip my pictorial quilts out, often several a month. Now it takes me months to make a small quilt with 4 blocks.

Time to take photos, seemed like I always had photos to post or edit, nowadays I'm lucky if I have time to snap a quick shot and throw it online.

Time to ride my bike daily...and time to sweat with Richard or work out with Bob.

Plus time to do all the other things I did, hand water all the gardens, clean out a cellar, have yard sales, do art type activities with my grandson or spend the day at the park with him, crochet, knit, read, draw  and normal stuff like household spend time on Facebook visiting friends.

Now it often seems like all the time I have is time to wonder what the hell happened to all that time?

Perhaps this big fella stole it all?

"Time Thief" copyright 2009

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